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The entry requirements of Civil Engineering Master Program is bachelor graduates with an engineering background (such as civil engineering, architecture, electrical, mechanical and industrial) and minimum GPA of 2.75 and TOEFL of 500 for specific option majoring in Construction Management major and Civil Engineering for Structural Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering.


  1. Fulfill the registration fee
  2. Fill in an application form completed with:
    * 2 copies of Certificate and Transcript
    * 4 color recent photos of 3x4 size
    * 2 references from known academics/practitioners (the forms are provided by the Postgraduate Program)
    * A copy of Identity Card (KTP) and Family Certificate (KSK)
  3. Fill in a form of payment affordability
  4. Take a Psycho test and an English test
  5. Attend an interview

Further Information

Civil Engineering Master Program Secretariat
Petra Christian University
Radius Prawiro Building 2nd Floor
Jl. Siwalankerto 121 - 131 Surabaya
Phone : (031) – 298 3041-43
Fax. (031) - 8415274
E-mail : postgrad@peter.petra.ac.id
Homepage Internet : http://www.petra.ac.id/graduate


The prospective students who are confirmed “passed” must re-apply to be definitive students of Petra Christian University.


The definitive registration qualifications are as follows :

  1. Fill in a Form of Courses Registration (KRS) which should be approved by the Head of Program.
  2. Take Definitive Registration Forms by showing the completed KRS.
  3. Satisfy the financial requirements.
  4. Complete the items mentioned on the following Table.
  5. Submit all requirements to the Postgraduate Program.


Length of Study The study should be completed in 24 months and maximum period of 4 years.

The Title will be: "Magister Teknik" for Regular Program. 

"Magister Teknik" and "Master of Engineering" for PETRAIT Dual Degree Program

"Magister Teknik" and "Master of Science" for Petra-NTUST Joint degree



PETRAIT is a partnership program between the Postgraduate Program of the Petra Christian University (PCU) in Surabaya (Indonesia), and the School of Civil Engineering at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok (Thailand). It was conceived to assist human resources development in the country at the level of master’s degree... More

Academic Program

The Postgraduate Program of Civil Engineering comprises 3 programs

  1. Regular Program
  2. PETRAIT Program
  3. Professional Program (No Title - certificate) More