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The Civil Engineering Study Program (Bachelor Program), Petra Christian University, has received recognition from the community through alumni's active roles in construction industries, government institutions, and professional associations at the home country as well as abroad. 

As today there are more challenges in construction industries due to the increasing complexity of construction projects both in technical and managerial aspects, higher education has always been a demand of society in facing the challenges of the global era. Civil Engineering Master Program, Petra Christian University, as a postgraduate eduaction program aims to give an opportunity to deepen knwledge in a focused field of study, to broaden horizon, to improve skills, and to nurture intellectual maturity.

The Civil Engineering Master Program of Petra Christian University is a proper choice as this program is designed to provide a high quality academic and professional posgraduate education with the aim to improve the competence of human resources and to enhance career opportunities as a professional engineer.

This program has been accredited “B” by the National Accreditation Board with the Decree No.966/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/VIII/2015.


PETRAIT is a partnership program between the Postgraduate Program of the Petra Christian University (PCU) in Surabaya (Indonesia), and the School of Civil Engineering at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok (Thailand). It was conceived to assist human resources development in the country at the level of master’s degree... More

Academic Program

The Postgraduate Program of Civil Engineering comprises 3 programs

  1. Regular Program
  2. PETRAIT Program
  3. Professional Program (No Title - certificate) More